This blog is for everyone who has in~laws who make their life hell. Welcome to Hades! After years of putting up with this BS, I decided to tell my story.I have also recruited some fellow suffers to tell their stories, if you would like to join us just let me know. Misery loves company!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving in Hades

As usual MIL ruined Thanksgiving. We were suppose to spend it with my family. And it's not like she hasn't seen us recently, we went to Hades for her birthday and spent the whole day with her. The kids didn't even get a chance to see my parents. So we are at my families Thanksgiving get together, as usual we were LATE thanks to Dragon, when his family started calling demanding that we come see them, and pulling the poor me routine. This year the routine involved how sick MIL was and how she was too sick to cook and could Dragon please run by so and so's house to pick up some food for her. So of course Dragon felt compelled to leave right then taking the kids with him. They hardly got to spend anytime with my parents. Now I am sitting home alone while he runs around visiting old girlfriends and their families. I can't even go anywhere as I no longer have a car due to a wreck.

I hate Thanksgiving!!!!


carmachu said...

Its foot time dear. Your foot to dragon's head.

Sounds like nothing has changed in the two years that its been since you posted. Actually I lie, something has changed:

Dragon has gotten even less of a spine, and you are getting adamant about the crap they pull has to stop.

And it does. There's no reason he should have run off with the kids.

Jade said...

Every time I decide to kick Dragon to the curb he does something terrific for me.

But honestly his family is getting to be more of a headache. Sometimes I don't think he is worth having to deal with THEM.

Laura said...

I can understand where Dragon's coming from, what with his mom pulling the "I'm sick" routine. But still, that's completely ridiculous! He treated you like crap!

Anonymous said...

It seems that your hubby is more interested in pleasing his foo instead of his immediate family(you and the kids).His loyalties and priorities are really messed up.